Space Expo

We are dedicated to providing high-quality STEM education made accessible through a pop culture atmosphere. The Space Expo brings together the Space and Entertainment industries in order to strengthen them by fostering interest and creating future scientists and engineers.

In the programming rooms you will hear:

  • JPL scientists from the Juno mission present their most recent findings about Jupiter’s atmosphere, how much water is in it and maybe even give a sneak peek into the most detailed and high def pictures that exist of Jupiter itself!
  • Virgin Orbit will talk about their name change from Virgin Galactic, highlighting what’s next for them and update us on what they’re working on.
  • Cassini, the spacecraft orbiting Saturn, will be crashed into the clouds of Saturn! We’ll find out why JPL is doing this, and divulge what we’ve discovered so far about the ringed planet.

On the Exhibit Hall floor when you visit the Space Expo Pavilion you will be able to take part in interactive experiments which will give you hands on experience with the latest in science and technology!

More topics include:
-VO’s LauncherOne
-Virtual Reality
-NASA’s Dawn Mission
-Mars Rovers
-Building R2D2
-The James Webb Space Telescope

And many more!

For more information check them out here:

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