Confirmed Guests for 2018

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Exhibitors 1038
Angela Vera CS3
Art of “Old School” F32
BB-CRE.8 402
Bryne Atiken CS6
Christian Lazo & Dylan Delaney CS7
Comic Book Hideout/Boom! Studios 1140
Crystal Aguilera CS4
Death to Invaders E37
Destiny Santos CS2
Dino Andrade 957
Dream World Comics 1222
Enamel Alley 1055
Flex Comics 1138
Frank Gidlewski CS1
Fred “The Hammer” Williamson Celeb 4
Gary Herschberger Celeb 2
Genevieve Marie Cosplay 915
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What's New?

Ryan Cady is coming to #LBCC2018

Ryan Cady is a writer of comics and horror fiction based in Brooklyn, New York. He has written for such…

Matt Hawkins is coming to #LBCC2018

A veteran of the initial Image Comics launch, Matt started his career in comic book publishing in 1993 and has…

#LBCC2018: A 5 Question Interview with Dean Haspiel

We thought it would be fun to do a quick Q&A with some of our guests. Next up we have…

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September 8-9

Long Beach Convention Center

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