Confirmed Guests for 2018

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451 E28
501st Legion: Southern California Garrison 1215
Ai Scram E34
Amanda Ruth Art F2
Andres Reyes C36
Andrew Lopez B16
Angi Viper COS4
Art Of Francis Te E30
Art of Nikki Abrego F3
Asta Young COS8
Bernyce Talley & Jandro Gamboa F4
Bettina Busiello and A.K. Rivers F13
Black Key Games 909
Bob Fingerman F20
Bobby’s Comics 802
Brian Buccellato F19
C&J Goods L.A. MM7
Chris Brandt E25
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What's New?

Sherilyn Fenn is coming to #LBCC2018!!

Sherilyn Fenn will always be best remembered for her iconic role of Audrey Horne in the groundbreaking Twin Peaks, as well as the current Twin Peaks revival on Showtime. But Sherilyn has enjoyed a 30+ year career in Hollywood, including memorable roles on the series Shameless, Ray Donovan, Gilmore Girls and Rude Awakening, and in films like the recent horror film […]

Dino Andrade is coming to #LBCC2018!!

Dino Andrade is an American veteran voice actor in video games and animated projects. He manages dual careers as both a voice actor and the Creator/Owner Operator of the geek dating/community website

Bob Fingerman is coming to #LBCC2018!!

Writer/artist Bob Fingerman is best known for his comic series MINIMUM WAGE. He also created the graphic novels WHITE LIKE SHE, RECESS PIECES, and FROM THE ASHES and the novels BOTTOMFEEDER and PARIAH. In 2018, he joined “the usual gang of idiots” in MAD magazine, with his feature “Boonies Burbs & Burgs”. His next, “Lukey […]

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September 8-9

Long Beach Convention Center

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