C3: Comic Creator Conference

AGENDA C3 2019

4:00 PM Session 1, 15 minutes:
Opening remarks, Martha Donato and Jim McLauchlin:
Why we’re here, what we’re doing, what we hope to build!

4:15 PM Session 2, 45 minutes:
Getting Work, Keeping Work, Steven T. Seagle: Writer/Producer Steven Seagle is the co-creator of BEN 10 and BIG HERO 6 and a founding partner of MAN OF ACTION Entertainment. This session will focus on Seagle’s “Hollywood Hierarchy,” a five-step rubric for getting and keeping work in the entertainment industry.

5:00 PM Session 3a, 45 minutes: Graphic Design in the Service of Narrative, Howard Chaykin: Veteran writer and artist Howard Chaykin takes you inside storytelling to walk you through page layout and show you WHAT works and WHY. Participants leave with a three-page comic script to follow and use what
they’ve learned to create a layout based on these principles. BONUS: Attendees of Long Beach Comic Con Aug. 31 and Sep. 1 can bring their finished three-page samples to Chaykin’s Artist Alley table, and Chaykin will do an overview, pointing out the virtues and weaknesses of the pages.

5:00 PM Session 3b, 45 minutes:
Comics to Storyboards to TV, Shannon Denton: Writer/Artist Shannon Denton has worked on
comics such as Deadpool, TV shows like Ultimate Spider-Man, and on video games like God of War. He’ll show you how the language of comics, animation and video games is all related, and how to adapt from one to another!

5:45 PM Session 4a, 45 minutes: The Key to IP is your Pitch Doc, Christian Gossett: The entertainment business is seeking a wider range of content than ever before, and if you know how to take your idea and
develop it into a well-structured Intellectual Property, the possibilities are endless. Red Star creator and
Pandora TV director Christian Gossett shows you the path between yourself and production, starting with you Pitch Document.

5:45 PM Session 4b, 45 minutes: Social Media Strategies For Creators, David Gallaher: David
Gallaher will share his marketing experience working with the comics, entertainment and
video game industries to show creators the do’s and don’ts of social media. David will also
share case studies of how comic creators have used the power of social media to inspire others, to drive sales numbers, and to tell stories.

6:00 PM Session 5, 30 minutes: Let’s compare notes! We just had self-selecting breakout sessions. So tell the other peeps! Barbra Dillon of Fanbase Press will lead this highly informal session that allows attendees to meet each other and get a taste of how the other half was living!

6:30 PM Session 6, 30 minutes Keynote roundtable: Barbra Dillon leads various panel participants in a talk about the current and future marketplaces of ideas and where YOUR creativity will lead us!

C3 August 2019 Agenda



MAD Event Management, the organizers of Long Beach Comic Con and Expo are the founders of C3: Comic Creator Conference. C3 is an event designed to connect creators/storytellers with other high-level industry professionals to empower them with insights, case studies and best practices. We strive to directly connect them with decision makers, peers, publishers, and other leaders within the industry.

C3 is filled with educational sessions and networking hosted by industry leaders in both publishing and entertainment, taking place in a professional setting. Creators learn how to make smart business decisions on the path to careers in film, television, and interactive entertainment and have direct access to many opportunities. Talent development, talent acquisition, exposure to sales channels (through our affiliations with major comic conventions, agents and retailers), and building a network are all top priorities at C3.

The path for creators to develop their stories into film, television, and interactive entertainment has always been filled with obstacles. A strong, vibrant eco-system is essential for market growth and protection from erosion. Through C3, we aim to introduce higher standards and shine a light on the process and the people, as well as having the opportunity to network throughout the conference. For more information, please contact martha@madeventmanagement.com.