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Wonder Woman is Real is coming to #LBCC2018!!


Victoria Ikerd-Schreiter aka Wonder Woman is Real is not only a well-known Wonder Woman cosplayer who has over 20 different versions of Wonder Woman cosplays as both cannon, variant, and mashup/crossover versions of the Amazon Princess but she is also a Wonder outside of her costumes.

She is the founder of the Real League of Justice, a nonprofit disability advocacy foundation and law firm that helps families affected by disabilities with many of their struggles and battles trying to live their greatest lives. Her league of super friends plans to make the world better by actually diving into problems that families may have, because, as some of them have raised children with special needs themselves, they understand how hard a struggle it is to navigate the systems and needs that families are forced to fight against so that their child can live a better quality or more independent and free life. Through this, they also hope to focus on the national and global struggles of these families so that everyone can see how truly capable many of these beautiful children can be when given the resources and interventions they need. All of that and they want to help children feel like the real superheroes they are every day.