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Ryan M. Kincaid is coming to #LBCC2018!!


Born in 1981 in Southern California, Ryan M. Kincaid is now laying his hat down in northeast Kansas. He got into the comic business later in the game, starting his career doing Sketch cards for just about every company in the business. After a few years of that, he got his first cover on ZOMBIES VS CHEERLEADERS and everything rose from there. He’s done variant covers and homage covers for books for Dynamite, Coffin comics, Big Dog Ink, Counterpoint Comics, Zenescope, and more. He’s also done covers for Vampirella, Sheena, Lady Death, Sink, Stabbity Bunny, and others.

He’s always looking forward to seeing how far he can push himself in this whirlwind of a business, so he’s excited to show everyone what’s going on through it all.