New guest joining us this September: D.J. Kirbride!


D.J. Kirkbride co-wrote and co-created the acclaimed fantasy adventure series AMELIA COLE, which was published digitally by Monkeybrain Comics via ComiXology and is in print courtesy of IDW Publishing. He wrote the cosmic space opera THE BIGGER BANG and its sequel THE BIGGEST BANG, both from IDW. He also co-wrote the Dark Horse Comics superhero mini-series NEVER ENDING and the DARK HORSE PRESENTS feature ā€œLaser Joan and the Rayguns.ā€ In November 2017, Dark Horse Comics is set to release his latest creation with AMELIA COLE collaborators Adam P. Knave and Nick Brokenshire: THE ONCE AND FUTURE QUEEN, a 21st-century reimagining of Arthurian legend.

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