Molecular Agatha is coming to LBCC17!


Known as Molecular Agatha, Agatha is a Cosplayer, Cosmodel, ilustrator and Graphic Designer from Costa Rica with 11 years of experience, who spends much of her free time making costumes, sewing, making accessories and props, stuffed animals, and working on own designs and ilustration.

Agatha has been part of geek events, comic and anime conventions giving panels, workshops and conferences with topics such as her cosplay work and biography, importance of the photographer of a cosplayer, importance of the design and illustration to project your cosplay ideas.

She has been guest and Cosplay Jury in countries of central and south america such as: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panamá, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Bolivia.

Her work is known on many important and prestigious websites of video games and Geek culture, interviews, magazines, television interviews and more. Among some of the sites where her work has been exposed are: Nosolo Cosplay (spain magazine) , IGN, IGN Italia, 9GAG, COSMODE, COSPLAYGEN, Kotaku, (Polish web portal), PlayBoy, Fashionably Geek, and more. Most of her work is based on existing Characters from video games, comics, anime and manga but with an original and alternative concept.

Agatha is well known for many of her costumes of Legend of Zelda, especially “The Steampunk Link”, an own design.

As part of her community work as cosplayer and her interest for the animals, Agatha donates a percentage of her prints selling to animal shelters of her country of origin.

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