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Jamie Sullivan at Long Beach Comic Con!


Jamie is an artist that’s been working the the comic book and movie poster field for quite some time. He’s done some commission work for high profile signings like Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Stan Lee and William Shatner (just to name a few.) He’s also done design work for companies like Disney and Marvel. Whether it’s variant comic book covers, widely popular blank sketch covers or one of his original limited edition convention prints… there’s always something new and creative coming from his imagination.

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Tony Bedard will be joining us this September!


Writer of SUPERGIRL, GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS and TEEN TITANS for DC Comics, Tony Bedard has been a nonstop font of creativity for over 20 years. In all that time, scientists have been unable to explain his seemingly ageless looks, manly vitality and minty-fresh breath. Known for top-tier superhero comics like GREEN LANTERN CORPS and EXILES, Tony also wrote critical darlings like GREAT TEN, KISS KISS BANG BANG, and the animated feature, TUROK SON OF STONE. Conspiracy theorists point to his science-fiction epics NEGATION and R.E.B.E.L.S. as evidence that he is actually an alien. Others point to his vibrant heroines in ROUTE 666, ROGUE and BIRDS OF PREY as evidence that he is actually a teenaged girl. Tony encourages you to find out for yourself at Long Beach Comic Con!

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Neo Edmund at Long Beach Comic Con!


Neo Edmund, child actor turned best-selling author, screenwriter, and comic book writer began his career as a Hollywood actor appearing on numerous television shows, most notably as a member of the infamous Putty Parole on 75 episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Rangers Zeo. Opting to pursue his passion for writing he transitioned into the creative side of the film and TV industry. He is currently authoring his ‘Red Riding Alpha Huntress Series’ and writing multiple Power Rangers novels for Penguin/Random House.

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J.K Woodward this year at LBCC!


J.K. Woodward started his professional comics career in 2003. When Peter David was re-launching his creator owned series Fallen Angel at IDW, James was a natural choice for Peter’s dark world of magic, violence and redemption. His painted work eventually caught the attention of Marvel editor, Mike Marts who chose him to illustrate X-men Origins:The Beast which was released September 2008. He recently relocated from Long Island City in Queens, NY to Long Beach, CA after the destructive force of hurricane Sandy took his home. His most recent sequential art projects include the Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover, Assimilation2, Harlan Ellison’s City on the Edge of Forever and currently \, Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken.

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Dave Crosland is joining us to LBCC!


Dave Crosland is an American illustrator who has created art for comics, cartoons, concert posters, video games and more. His memorable projects include Invader ZIM, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, Scarface: Scarred for Life, Everybody’s DEAD, Yo Gabba Gabba and his autobio comic EGO REHAB. When he isn’t drinking rum from the skulls of his foes, Dave can be found hording pets and eating all your peanut butter.

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Nicole Marie Jean will be with us this September!


Nicole Marie Jean is a cosplayer, artist, sculptor and designer residing in San Diego, California. Nicole began her journey into the cosplay and convention world in 2011. It was the previous year that she discovered what cosplay was. Nicole fell in love with the idea of being able to combine her love of comics and art to bring her favorite characters to life. During the past six years she has traveled around the world for a large number of events and conventions as both an attendee and a guest. She has judged dozens of contests, including the Championships of Cosplay in Asia, and has been a part of just as many panels and workshops. Nicole has won numerous awards for her costumes both at conventions and online.

Nicole has created over 120 costumes in the past six years and all are inspired by her favorite characters from comics, movies, books, video games and animes. Nicole is most well-known for her take on Bane from the Dark Knight Rises film, which gave her the nickname throughout the cosplay community as “Lady Bane.”

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Arthur Suydam is coming and will do free sketches for kis!


Sunday Exclusive for Fans 14 and under

‘Zombie King’ Arthur Suydam To Sketch Free For Kids on Sunday

Zombies are all the rage, and at the top of anyone’s list of zombie artists is Arthur Suydam, who will treat fans to his own take on the phenomenon!

He’s not called “The Zombie King” for nothing, and the award-winning celebrity artist will show off some of the amazing talent which has landed him covers on dozens of titles like “Marvel Zombies.” The Spike TV and Scream Award winner is a huge favorite.

And as a special treat, Suydam will make a free sketch for the first 150 kids ages 14 and under to visit Suydam’s booth on Sunday 11-4.

Suydam’s popular covers have graced the covers of The Walking Dead, Marvel Zombies, Deadpool, Merc with a Mouth, Dead Days, The Misfits Devil’s Rain, Land of the Dead, Batman, Wolverine, X-men, Ghost Rider, Thor, Spider Girl and many more. In 2008 Marvel released an exclusive hard cover tribute to the works of this unique artist entitled Marvel Zombies, The Covers dedicated to Suydam’s ground-breaking work. Additional recent works include, Army of Darkness, Savage Tales, Red Sonja and the smash hit Army of Darkness vs. Marvel Zombies, Batman vs. Predator, Conan the Barbarian, Tarzan and House of Secrets, and The Tick.

Brandon Easton is coming to LBCC 2017!


Brandon M. Easton is a professional writer based in Los Angeles, CA. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Brandon was a U.S. History and Economics teacher in NYC for 6 years before moving to the west coast in 2008. Brandon has written for the 2011 ThunderCats reboot from WB Animation and Transformers: Rescue Bots from Hasbro. Easton won the 2012 Glyph Award for his Shadowlaw series and multiple 2014 Glyph Awards for the Watson and Holmes comic series and a 2014 Eisner Award nomination. He is also the producer, director, and writer of Brave New Souls documentary that explored the aspirations, inspirations and obstacles faced by African-American speculative fiction creators in the 21st century.

In 2015, Brandon was selected as one of the eight winners of the 2015 Disney/ABC Writing Program which led to his new position as a Staff Writer for season two of Marvel’s Agent Carter. In 2016, Brandon was nominated for the 2nd annual Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity in Comics for his acclaimed graphic novel Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven which was recently optioned for a big-screen biopic. He also volunteers at JPL/NASA as a Solar System Ambassador to increase astronomy education in under-served communities. In May 2016, IDW Publishing announced Brandon as the writer for the M.A.S.K. reboot comic book which garnered several 2017 Glyph Award wins including Fan Award for Best Work and Best Male Character (Matt Trakker). Recently Easton made history as the first Western writer to tackle the classic Japanese horror franchise Vampire Hunter D with Unified Pictures’ VAMPIRE HUNTER D: MESSAGE FROM MARS, released to wide acclaim.

Maid of Might is joining us this September!


Maid of Might is a California grown cosplayer who specializes in creating unique character mash-ups. She is known for her Punk Spider-Gwen, Harley Quinn and Disney/Star Wars crossovers. Her inspiration ranges from comics and movies to anime and video games. She is always creating and bringing her favorite characters to life!

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Amanda Deibert at LBCC!


Amanda Deibert is a an award winning television and comic book writer. Amanda’s comic book writing for DC Comics includes Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman ’77 and two of the sequel comics for the upcoming Batman and Harley Quinn animated film. Other comic work includes John Carpenter’s Tales For a HalloweenNight volumes 2, 3 and 4 (Storm King) Womanthology (IDW) and the webcomic Hot Mess. She has written late shows for multiple networks including Syfy, The Oprah Winfrey Network, PIVOT and HULU. She also writes annually for former Vice President Al Gore’s “24 Hours of Reality” an international broadcast to help educate and fight the current climate crisis. .

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