Jamisin Matthews will be at Long Beach Comic Con 17!


Jamisin Matthews is Leon Scott Kennedy in five Resident Evil animated films and video games. With Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and Vendetta’s release this year, the franchise is as popular as ever. Having trained in martial arts at a young age with coaches photo scanned for the original Mortal Kombat, perhaps it was destiny that Jamisin be photo and face scanned for the equally iconic Resident Evil series. He is also the blood-splattered demolition groom in My Chemical Romance’s popular Life On The Murder Scene storyline and stars as detective Jack Anvil in Donald F. Glut’s 2018 Tales of Frankenstein feature film and graphic novel. The founder of Jacorva, Jamisin creates personalized martial arts systems for civilians and industry professionals. He has body doubled Anthony Stewart Head, Nicholas Brendon and Johnny Depp.

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