Barbara Randall Kesel will be with us this year at LBCC!


Barbara has been in the comic book industry since she wrote a Batgirl backup story for DC Comics’ Detective Comics while sitting in the tech booth during a college play. Since then she has written scripts for just about every major comic company on titles from Aliens to My Little Pony. The series Hawk & Dove (DC) and Meridian (CrossGen) are special favorites. Her professional life in comics began at DC Comics, where she worked in editorial on titles including The New Teen Titans, the Flash, the Eisner-award-winning Watchmen, and the DC/TSR line of Dungeons & Dragons-inspired comics. She then moved on to Dark Horse Comics, editing comics from Star Wars to Alien, and creator-owned comics from Hellboy to Body Bags. A span of years as a freelance writer/editor followed before she was asked to help start up CrossGen Comics, the first comics company to bring all its creative personnel together under one roof. Post CrossGen, she returned to the freelance life as a writer/editor. Her current projects include the Shadowzone graphic novel with Ryan Odagawa and a new startup company that will unite comics and technology.

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